ios 7 : Add your UDID to our developer account to test out the IOS7 betas!

If you wish to try all IOS7 betas and future updates but dont have a developer account or registered udid, we have a solution to this. 
We register your udid quickly !

Requiered :

    • A compatible device  with the ios7 update (iphone 4, ipod touch 4G/5g, ipad 2/3/mini)
    • Your device UDID (see below to see how to do it)


  • A paypal account with 6euros on it
Before going further on :We cannot be responsible for any dammage on your device.
Once the udid registered on our developer account, you'll receive an email, once you receive it, go for it ! your udid will be left on this account for 1 year.
Get your UDID :
Lauch itunes and plug in your device to the computer.The go on your device Summary tab to get this page :

As you can see, the page shows the idevice serial number, to show the udid, click on the serial number.

The UDID is composed of 40 characters, to copy it,do Ctrl+C on windows or Cld+C on mac

To send us your UDID :

Once copied, send it to us in the paypal text box. We'll send you an email as sonn as your udid is registered on our account (it can take maximum 3H)

To install iOS 7 beta on your iPhone, iPod or iPad :

Once our mail received, follow these instructions
-Delete your current itunes version and install itunes beta (get it here:
-Download ios7 (get it here as well :
-Once this done, connect your device to the computer
-Lauch itunes and go on your device page

-While pressing the shift key (Alt on mac), press on restore. In this new window, locate and press on the ios5 firmware you've just downloaded.
-Itunes will now restore

If you get an error message, redo what is said, if it really doesn't work, leave a comment.


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